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Default Buddadasa Karunanayake

Does any of you, have any news as to Karu's whereabouts?

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Yes, of course, we will continue to keep in touch via email or WhatsApp - set up recently by Tudda and keep each other informed of pending trips to various corners of the globe, just in case....the other also happens to be there at the same time.

Re Karu; the following is what I sent you on 16th June. Sadly, I cannot add anything further to that already mentioned........

"Karu lived in London as did I, back in the 70's. He in the next street to me. We'd meet up regularly for dinner or to attend sporting events, air shows etc:

When I moved from London to Kent in 1987, it was he who very kindly got a whacking big van and helped me move me and my stuff. He was a mechanical engineer and worked for the then British Leyland Company. He graduated in CMB and then came over to England to work for British Leyland.

After Liz & I got married in 1989, he came home (to Kent) quite a few times for dinner and at that time was still a bachelor boy. I last met him around 1990/91 and at that time, he was living in the same place in South West London and still a bachelor. I last spoke to him possibly around the mid 1990's after our first daughter Bethany was born and invited him home. He said he'd try and make it, but never did. I have no idea where he is now. He too must be a grand retiree now. A very nice chappie, but then again, aren't most or All Thomians?!"

I really do not know where Karu is in the UK at present or indeed, if he has gone back home.

Keep well, keep safe, keep in touch.


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